Friday, June 15, 2012

Chicago Heat and Behavior Charts...

Good afternoon, friends!

It is super hot in Chicago right now. I am not a fan. Especially since I just got my hair washed and styled. This heat better not mess it up!!

I have been thinking a lot about my behavior management system that I have been doing since my first year of teaching Here's a picture of what it looks like:

This is a clip chart, my mom made  for me using foam board and acrylic paint. This picture is after being used for three years. It still has that bright colorE!The interesting thing about the clip chart is that I had no idea what it was or what it looked like until my first year of teaching. My entire first grade team uses this system, we just all have our own variation of it. Here's mine:

Green- All students start here. Green is good!
Yellow- Warning and a yellow note goes home. It's very brief, I just check off what the behavior was. For example, talking out, not following directions, etc.
Blue- Letter home. I write exactly what happened and the student has to sign and write a note to their parents on the letter. The letter has to be signed by the parent and returned the next day.
Red- Principal's Office
Students also have an opportunity to move up on the chart.
Orange- Is for "wow" behavior. Students get an orange note home (It says, "Wow, you made it to orange today!) and they get to pick a prize from the prize basket.
Purple- Above and Beyond behavior. Students get a purple note home, a prize from the basket, and a jewel on their clothespin! A jewel is just some stickers that are like little dots but they shine. Sorry, I don't have a picture! I actually got the idea for the jewel prize from another wonderful blogger...I am not sure who it was, if it was you please let me know so I can give you all the credit!!!

This behavior management system works. It works really well. The kids love to be able to move up. So much, that they sometimes are not happy about green. I have to constantly remind them that green is good! 
Yes, this system works, but I am wanting to try something different. I am kind of tired of the prize basket. I HATE replenishing it and I want the kids to want more than just prizes from the prize basket. 

I have been seeing ideas for classroom coupons and I am really thinking about going toward this idea instead of material things. Here's a link of what I am leaning toward:
Ms. Martin did a wonderful job with these. Go check them out!

Alright, I am heading to my parents house. I love spending time with my parents. They are so cute. :)

And..I'm kinda hoping they have dinner ready!

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  1. I love the clip system, too! I just changed mine to use a magnet approach with my monster-theme for next year. :)

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