Thursday, June 14, 2012

Reflections and Dollar Tree Deals

I apologize for the delay in posting. I am just getting used to this blogging thing. For some reason I am having a hard time getting my brain to settle down and actually post! 

On Wednesday, I got the opportunity to be on the interview team for an administrative position in my district. It was an amazing experience. There are some very talented people out there. Administration is not easy and you definitely have to be a special person to be one. I learned a ton from the candidates and it really motivated me...

I just recently graduated from an educational leadership program. I officially have my administrative certificate. It was a long and STRESSFUL two years. I was ambitious and decided to enter the program during my second year of teaching. Yes, my second year. Most leadership programs require you to have completed two years of teaching experience prior to starting the program. I was lucky and they allowed me to still enroll in the program. My thinking in deciding to start a master's program was that I need to start graduate school before other life blessings (such as marriage and babies :) get in the way. I am not sure if it was the best idea. I learned a lot from the program, but I did not have a lot of teaching experience to gain off of. I am still learning how to be a teacher. Last year, was the most stressful because I had to complete a 240 hour internship while TEACHING. It was insane. When I completed those 240 hours, it was a huge relief. I am so very proud of my self for having my masters at 25, but I am not sure I recommend it to a new teacher. It is just a lot to handle. 

Now, I am not the one who does a lot of regretting but, I do reflect. I do a lot of this. And after being a part of the administrative interview team, I know that I want to be a principal. Sooner than later. I may not have as much as experience as others which could definitely be looked at as a negative, but on a positive I have the passion and dedication. I plan to rock this fourth year of teaching and try to gain as much knowledge about teaching as I can. Perhaps, I will start looking at assistant principal positions in the spring. :)

After kickboxing and hip hop classes at the gym today, I decided to make a stop at the Dollar Tree. Like many teachers, I usually try to make it there every other week or so. I ALWAYS find SOMETHING. I actually don't think I have ever walked out of the store empty handed. 

Today I found some  awesome posters in the teaching section. 2 in a pack for one dollar. Learning charts like these usually go for about 2.50 at a teaching store such as The Chalkboard. Yes, you can make you're own, but sometimes I prefer to save time. My students actually use these charts. I am constantly telling my students, "Use your resources! Be responsible for your own learning!" The kids actually listen and use the resources we have in our class. I like these charts because they fit into our curriculum! 

Aren't they cute? If you have a Dollar Tree, please go check these out!

Alright, so I had planned to post about these really good recipes I made this week ( I am not a cook at all, but I am getting better!!). But I'll save that for later. 

Have a great's time for some Lifetime.

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