Monday, July 30, 2012

My 2nd Monday Made it and PIZZA!!

OMG it is Monday! Two more days and I will be back in my classroom getting it all ready for my kiddos. I am actually pretty excited! Not about starting work soon, but setting up my classroom, ha ha!
Well, if it's Monday, that also means it is Monday Made it!! This is my second one and I am so happy to share what I have been working on!

So, remember that table I told you about in this post? Well, this weekend was spent mostly working on painting the table. Let me just say, I have NEVER painted anything before. Nothing like a table. I thought it was going to be so easy, but it wasn't. I did have help. My boyfriend was nice enough to help me at 8 in the morning on a Saturday and Sunday. He was great help, but I just expected it to be so much easier. I guess I kinda wanted the table to just magically appear black with lime green polka dots. I'm not joking.

Here it is before. We are in the process of sanding it down.
Well, it didn't turn out how I expected, but for some reason I like it. If you look up close you can see where the spray paint smeared the polka dots. I tried to touch it up as much as I could, but after awhile I just decided to leave it. I probably need to add more polka dots, but it was hard enough getting the five on! It is not the best painting job, but I am happy with it. I think it looks kind of artsy! :) I am planning to use this as a table for the kids to use during "work on writing". I think it is going to get the job done and  I think the kids will love it! If you have any advice on painting, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO SHARE. 

 I spontaneously, decided to go to Hobby Lobby and came home with 4 wooden letters (@1.99 each), Mod Podge ($4.99), and acryclic paint (.64 each). I finally decided to make those READ letters that have been all over Pinterest. The question is...where I am going to hang these up in my room???

First experience with Mod Podge! I literally freaked out when it started off white. I thought I ruined the letters. I screamed. Not kidding. Of course, it dries clear, (Why, didn't I know this?) and it turned out pretty good! I will definitely be using Mod Podge again!!!! :)

I also made these:

We have a "Teacher Meet and Greet" the day before school starts. One of my sweet teammates, gives each student a paper bag with a label for them to remember to bring their snack on the first day. Of course, I stole her wonderful idea. :) (Don't worry, she knows!) I usually use labels, but with all the money I have spent on school stuff already, I decided to just make boxes on word, cut them out, and tape them to the bag. If you are wondering if the kids actually use the bags, THEY DO! It is so cute to see them pull out the bags with their snack on the first day. 

All right, so that's my Monday Made it! I hope you enjoyed! Leave me some love, tell me what you think, and don't forget to check out what everyone else has been doing!

This has nothing to do with teaching, but I just wanted to share...this may be for people who live in Illinois only, not sure. Have you ever heard of the grocery store, Dominicks? Well, did you know they have a pizza shop? You can call ahead and order a hot fresh pizza! They have a variety of toppings and the pizza is HUGE! It is delicious! For me to say that a pizza is delicious is pretty rare because...get ready for it....I AM NOT A FAN OF PIZZA! I KNOW CRAZY! But anyway, if you have a Dominicks where you live, I highly recommend their pizza. Ready in 20 minutes, serves 2-4 people, and it is only $7.50!!! :)
Not the actually pizza, but I just wanted to make your mouth water.
All this talk about Pizza is making me hungry...WAIT...I am ALWAYS hungry....

I'm grabbing some breakfast before I begin my day finishing up "school stuff" and blogging. I hope you have a very wonderful and productive Monday! :)

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